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Wood is one of the oldest and ecologically purest fuel types. Wood accumulates solar energy and gives it back while burning. Firewood is often used for heating houses, saunas; as an ecological fuel for the fireplaces. It gives an outstanding burning timber aroma that is impossible to compare to anything else.


Firewood in boxes* and in bulk

 Orders are not accepted

Length of the log - 27 or 40cm.

Type of firewoodin bulk  Eur/m31 Box / Eur
Alder 60.00 180.00
Birch 70.00 200.00
Ach tree
80.00 230.00
Oak 90.00 260.00
* Cost of the box separately 10.00 Eur
1 box = 2 ster 


Firewood in boxes* Chamber drying 

Humidity 18-20 %
Length of the log - 27 or 40cm.

Type of firewoodin bulk  Eur/m31 Box / Eur
Alder - - - 230.00
Birch - - - 260.00
Ach tree - - - 280.00
Oak - - - 300.00
* Cost of the box separately 10.00 Eur 
1 box = 2 ster

Firewood in bags 40l. Chamber drying


Humidity 18-20 %
Length of the log only 27 cm.

Type of firewoodWeight
kg +/-
Alder 11.0 5.00
 Birch 13.0 6.00
 Ach tree 13.0 7.00
 Oak 14.0 8.00





Splints for fire ignition

Moisture 10 - 12 %

Wood :Eur / paletteEur / sack
Pine / Christmas tree  162.00 1.50
Bag weight 2,7 kg 1 palette - 108 bags

          Special prices for 10 pallets



Firewood wholesale and delivery in Europe.


Table of Measurements

1 m3 2,40 in bulk 
1 m3 1,54 st.
1 st. 1,56 in bulk
1 st. 0,65 m3
1 loose 0,42 m3
1 loose 0,63 st.


According to the Cabinet of Ministers rules (alterations to the Cabinet of Ministers rules № 922 on 06.11.2006, explanation for filling out the form "Attachment to the report 1st energy”, 3. Fuel consumption for heating power and electric power production.

For the calculation of firewood quantity the following coefficients are used:

13.1.  1 st.   =   0,65m3 whole cube
13.2.  1 m3  =   2,40  in bulk m3


Useful information

Firewood is divided into 4 main categories :

  1. Has the strongest heating effect
  2. Has strong heating effect
  3. Has average heating effect
  4. Has weak heating effect


The Strongest Heating Effect Firewood is: Oak, Beech, Hornbeam 

Oak – the best firewood for your fireplace. 
While burning in the fireplace oak firewood is filling the house with an exquisite aroma of forest freshness that influences positively human health.


Strong Heating Effect Firewood is:  Birch, Ash tree, Maple 

Birch firewood is considered as the best type of firewood after oak. While burning in the fireplace birch does not spark, burns long time, gives even and high flame, spreads nice aroma around the house. Birch contains a lot of resinous substances, thus during burning it gives a lot of soot that stays in the flue. In order to clean the flue from the soot, at the end of the heating we recommend putting aspen or alder + aspen into the fireplace. 

Ash tree’s
density is 0,75 gr/cm³, birches is 0,65 gr/cm³, which means that it has the same heating effect. Ash tree is lighted with difficulty, but it burns without pre-drying. In the fireplace Ash tree as well as Birch does not spark and gives even flame.


Average Heating Effect Firewood is: Spruce, Fir and other coniferous trees.   

We do not recommend and do not offer
for the reason of high quantity of resin and big quantity of smoke during burning.


The Weak Heating Effect Firewood is: Alder, Aspen, Poplar, Linden tree, Willow.

Alder firewood is the most popular. There are about 25 types of alder. Depending on the type, alder firewood has different colours. Alder gets lighted easily, burns smoothly, firewood  ontains small amount of resin, thus burns almost without smoke.

Alder with Aspen admixture we recommend to use for the flue cleaning, especially after heating with coniferous firewood, birch, coal or in the end of the season. 

In order to improve the cleaning effect we recommend putting fresh potato peelings in the firebox along with aspen. This will help to loosen the soot on the sides of the flue, which will be pulled out by the draught.

Alder is very good for barbecue, cooking meat or fish on the brazier. 


Recommendations for the fireplace: 

Fireplace is normally heated only by dry firewood with the maximum moisture 15-20%. Only this firewood will burn and give excellent heat. 
Do not put dump firewood into the fireplace: it is lighted with difficulty and make a big amount of condensate (humidity) on the inner surface of the flue. 
In any case timber humidity during the fireplace heating must not exceed 25%, only in this case the firewood does not exude harmful substances.