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SPALSADZ - an effective tool for cleaning the chimney, the walls of boilers, stoves, fireplaces. Chimney sweeper briquette has triple effect: cleaning with catalyst SPALSADZ, the aspen briquette itself has cleaning properties and at the same time releases heat from combustion. Chimney sweeper briquette - compact, efficient, aesthetic

Chimney sweeper

Everyone knows that the chimney must be cleaned.
There are several ways of cleaning :
1. Mechanical with ruff and chimney sweep (labor-consuming, dirty and expensive)
2. Natural cleaning with potato peel and aspen wood 
    (a good way, but it is difficult to collect as much peel)
3. A chemical method using a catalyst that has several advantages: : 
     not expensive, efficient, compact

We offer a UNIQUE product "Chimney Sweeper Briquette", which consists of Aspen sawdust and Catalyst ( ~ 85g) it is combined Natural and Chemical way of cleaning the chimney. To achieve a good cleaning result, we recommend using 1 briquette for 50 - 60 kg of fuel. "Chimney Sweeper Briquette" not only cleans the chimney and the walls of the boiler or fireplaces, it also heats ecologically clean & waste-free! Simply put Chimney Sweeper Briquette on coal together with the packing and wait until it burns completely.

 Box of 4 Briquettes (~ 8 kg)
 Price 15 Eur / box 
 ( 1 briquette - 3,75 Еur / 2 kg)

Also we offer separately Catalyst SPALSADZ (550 g) in paper bags of 50 grams (10 + 1). 
For each packet you buywe give you 1 sachet for free
Put 1 paper sachet of Catalyst on burning coals 
If you have a pellet boiler, then pour the contents of the sachet onto the granules 
To achieve a good cleaning effect, we recommend using 1 sachet for 30-40 kg of fuel

  Box of 12 packages (~ 6,6 kg )
  Price 50 Eur / box 
  ( 1 package - 4,17 Еur / 550 g)

SPALSADZ Catalyst Wholesale :

PackageWeight,kgEur/bucketAmount of buckets
on pallete, pcs
Bucket 5 10,00 200 pre-order
Bucket 10 18,00 100 pre-order
Bucket 25 40,00 40 available


How it works :


1. The parts of the heater and the chimney are covered with tarry deposit
2. The resin cleaner covers the layer of this dangerous deposit with active gases 
3. Under the influence of active gases, the resin dries, becomes brittle and it gets eliminated 
4. The cleansing effect of the remedy lasts for several days

General information :

The SPALSADZ catalyst is used as an additive to solid fuel in order to completely burn soot and tarry substances anywhere in the boiler, including the chimney system. The measurable effect comes from the systematic use of the SPALSADZ catalyst, which extends the service life and efficiency of the boilers, fireplaces and furnaces and it reduces fuel consumption. Thanks to the burning out of soot and coke breeze, it removes these substances. Non-burned hydrocarbons, including benzopyrene are burned completely together with soot. Carbon monoxide is oxidized to carbon dioxide.

The use of SPALSADZ guarantees :
cleaning of the boiler surface,
improvement of combustion processes: reduction of entrainment of solid particles and concentration of carbon dioxide in flue gases,
reduction of emissions of sulfur dioxide,
reduction in the rates of high and low-temperature corrosion,
reduction of dustiness.

The systematic use of the SPALSADZ catalyst in an amount of 1-2 kg per ton ensures the destruction of deposits in the boiler and heating system, supporting their efficient operation during the heating season. Due to this, the cleaning times for the boiler are very short, and they are associated only with the removal of ash from the rear of the boiler.
After the use of the catalyst, as a result of the burnout of the adhesive, i.e. ash, the layer of deposits changes its structure, becomes less dense and settles. A new layer of deposits also burns out, the walls of the boiler remain clean.

Taking into account the aforementioned advantages, the tool is widely used for operation of boilers operating on coal, coke, wood, peat, brown coal, in small, medium and large boiler rooms. It radically improves the efficiency of the boilers, ensuring the cleanliness of their walls. Each millimeter of precipitation (slag, sediment) on the boiler wall increases the consumption of solid fuel by 10%.

Thanks to the use of SPALSADZ, you can save up to 20% of fuel costs!

Precautionary measures :


Keep away from children

"Chimney sweeper" and Sachets with catalyst are made in such a way that the consumer does not have access directly to the catalyst itself. Nevertheless, precautions must be observed

P 101 If medical attention is required: carry a label or label on the product.
P 102 Keep out of the reach of children
P 260 Do not breathe dust (fumes, dust, vapors)
P 273 Avoid release to the environment
P 280 Wear protective gloves
P 301 + P 315 If swallowed, rinse, do not induce vomiting
P 305 + P 351 + H 313 In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly for several minutes
Н 302 Harmful if swallowed or if inhaled
H 315 Causes skin irritation
H 319 Causes serious eye irritation
H 400 Very toxic to aquatic life
H 413 May cause long-term adverse effects in aquatic life

Chimney sweeper briquettes & Catalyst SPALSADZ with delivery in Riga & Jurmala