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Peat – combustible mineral, that is formed in the process of natural extinction and incomplete decomposition of marsh plants at high humidity and lack of oxygen.

Peat briquettes

We offer high quality peat briquettes for an affordable price. Peat briquettes produce lots of heat and are buring for about 6 - 12 hours. Thats why people use peat briquettes an alternative to coal. Peat briquettes are sealed with plastic. Peat briquettes it is compact and ecological type of fuel. After briquette combusts it leaves some ash that can be used on soil for its mineralisation purposes, as it contains calcium and phosphorus.


Package Weight, t Price, Eur
Summer price
Pallet 1.0 145.00 
Big-bag 0.5   60.00   - - -

                          Minimum order with delivery - 1 t


PB (Belarus) – this is "economy class" fuel with the unique advantages:

1. Burning time from 6 hours and more
2. Absence of resin means absence of soot
3. Absence of glue and cohesive additives
4. Best before unlimited
5. European Quality Certificate ISO 9001

Combusting temperature Kcal/кg. 3700 - 3900
Humidity, not more then % 10
Ash content, not more then % 13
Mechanical durability, not less then % 95
Partly destroyed briquettes not more then % 14
Size (L х W х H) mm 170 х 70 х 50

Peat Briquettes wholesale and delivery in Europe.